Privacy policy

Messe Frankfurt Japan Ltd
11 November 2021

Privacy Statement

We act according to our policy of securely protecting the personal information and hereby state how we administer such information in compliance with the guidelines stipulated by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Acquisition of Personal Information

We acquire personal information through legal and fair measures.

Purpose of Using Personal Information

Personal data and company information may be used for the purpose of conducting questionnaires as well as providing information on fairs, events, seminars (including online), magazines and related services of the *Messe Frankfurt Group companies as well as on products and services provided by co-organisers, exhibitors and sponsors. We will utilize your data for no other purposes. The personal information received will be kept under our strict control and management. In addition, personal data and company information (including information of a contact person and representative of your company) stated in the application form may be provided to the *Messe Frankfurt Group companies and official contractors for the above purpose. The exhibitor is required to obtain the consent of the individual concerned with respect to our provision of such information to the *Messe Frankfurt Group companies and official contractors.

Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

Unless stipulated by laws, we will not provide the personal information to any third party without taking legal procedures.

Sharing Personal Information

For a smooth management, we may share the personal information ( Name of company , division , personal name , address , telephone number , fax number , and email address ) with companies /associations /committees involved in organizing the fairs and Messe Frankfurt Group companies*. We will not share the personal information for other purposes. The personal information thus shared will be kept under our strict control.

* Definition of MesseFrankfurt Group companies : Click here


We pay the closed possible attention to the correctness and security of the personal information, and we take security measures in place to prevent the loss, alteration or leakage of the personal information.


We legally administer the personal information and make every possible effort for a proper administration.

Deletion of personal information which you provide via digital services provided by Messe Frankfurt Group

You can delete your personal information on the digital services provided by Messe Frankfurt Group in the following ways:


Please select the burger menu in the app, then choose Messe-Login. There you’ll find a link to directly delete your account

[Visior Pre-registration]

To delete your account, please log in with your registered ID and PW, then select "Unsubscribe (delete your registration information completely )" to delete your account.


You can e-mail us for inquiries regarding your personal information.
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*We endeavor to continuously check our privacy policy and compliance programs for improvement.
*When our privacy policy is revised, we will post it up on our website.